Commercial DOT Inspections

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Commercial DOT Inspections

Commercial DOT Inspections | Bus Barn of Texas - Cypress, TX

Though the majority of business here at Bus Barn of Texas is conducted on bus sales and servicing, we do work on trucks, trailers, and tractor-trailers as well. We are competently qualified to conduct electrical and air conditioning work on your truck or semi-truck, too. Contact us today about commercial DOT inspections!

The proper functioning of your vehicle is of great importance to overall safety as well as the longevity of parts and systems. Through qualified commercial DOT inspections, your vehicle is closely examined in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

• Brakes―Ensure the proper operation and performance of your brake system, lines, pads and emergency brakes.
• Seat Belts―Asses the proper function and maintenance of all seat belts and anchorages.
• Fuel System―Check the fuel lines in your vehicle for wear and deterioration from vibration, rust, or leaks.
• Frame―Make sure the structural integrity of the vehicle is sound.
• Exhaust System―Confirm that the system is collecting the harmful emissions and pollutants, effectively keeping them from being released into the environment.
• Turn Signals―Establish the proper functioning and electrical connections.
• Tail and Head Lights―Ensure proper electrical links and visibility of lights in the front and back of vehicle.
• Steering Mechanism―Confirm the safe operation of the steering wheel, steering column and gearbox.
• Suspension and Tires―Issues with the tire alignment, sidewall bulging, low levels of tread, depleted steering fluid levels, and others possible issues are examined and addressed.

Our commercial DOT inspections of trucks, trailers and tractor-trailers help ensure your vehicle’s functionality. If you live in the Cypress, TX area and suspect something may be wrong with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call us today and have us fix the issue.

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